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Revival is happening at the Darwin Hope Rally

“The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound” – Isaiah 61:1
This is the work of the Spirit of God and this is exactly what we have been witnessing this past month as we kicked off the Darwin Hope Rally – 28 days of revival meetings, preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, proclaiming liberty to those who are bound and repentance for the Kingdom of God is here! And true to His Word, the Spirit of God is working with us, bringing healing, deliverance, salvation and transformation night after night as the lost, broken, sick and desperate come in looking for hope!
We are undone as night after night people are delivered and set free! Every night is different as God ministers His love to His people, demonstrated with His power! Here are just some of the testimonies coming out of the revival meetings:
Day 8 at the Darwin Hope Rally was a night of powerful prayer ministry and healing! One lady testified how after prayer for healing of partial deafness in her ear at the Rally a couple of days ago, she went to her doctor for tests the next day and was told her hearing has improved! Hallelujah!! A dear indigenous lady who was deaf and mute since contracting meningitis as a little girl was healed as we prayed for her! We called her name whilst standing behind her and she turned to us, hearing us! Then she spoke the name of Jesus as He loosened her tongue!
I don’t even have words to describe what Jesus did on Day 6 at Darwin Hope Rally! We did our first baptism in the pool we bought for the field, had a powerful preacher from PNG! But before that, God crashed in on the kids! It started out all rowdy… we had a bunch of kids there from the Indigenous community and they were running around making noise and being wild while I was trying to get worship happening. Everyone was distracted. I started to sigh and Jesus’ fierce love immediately halted my frustration with the scripture “suffer the little children to come to me!” I felt the fierceness of His love for them! Let the adults be put out! God wants the kids! So Ash sat them down and told them God wanted to move, we had some guys do a puppet show for them, and then Holy Spirit told me to get all the kids to stand up the front and we would pray for them and immediately the Spirit of God fell powerfully on them! Half of them fell to their knees and several of them started weeping! One girl gave her heart to Jesus, others wept, holding each other and praying together. One actually saw Jesus! The lady who we baptised helped to pray for the kids. She sent me this testimony: One girl had tears running down her face after the worship time and as the puppets were starting. I could tell Jesus was touching her, but I didn’t dare say anything too early. When they received the blessing, she was crying even more. I asked if she wanted to say Yes to Jesus and invite Him in, and she said yes! I lead her in a prayer. I then asked if she had seen an angel or something because I could tell she had seen or heard something supernatural. She said yes, that a man came and stood next to her and spoke to her deep inside and said he forgave her. I explained that was Jesus and that she had just received Him! She then was filled with peace from the Holy Spirit and began hugging other crying children ministering to them! God is moving and we are undone!

Day 10 at the Darwin Hope Rally had us all completely undone! Murderers, ex-cons and drunkards surrendered their lives to Jesus at the altar and were gloriously saved! Four of them were baptised right then and there as the power and love of God consumed their hearts! This is revival! The lost are getting saved! I am undone!! What started out as a fun movie night ended up being a night of wonderful salvation and victory! We sang a couple of songs about the blood of Jesus before putting on the movie and the Spirit of God swept in like a flood, touching hearts and convicting precious souls to come to the altar! We called them to the front – “The blood of Jesus is here now to wash you clean!” And they came, crying out to Jesus for forgiveness, and of course, He forgave and cleansed and saved in His great love!!! Jesus didn’t come for the healthy but for the sick and He is busy healing people in Darwin! I give Him all praise and honour and glory!
Day 14 at the Darwin Hope Rally was powerful! There is power in the name of JESUS! Chains were broken at the altar and freedom was proclaimed! People walked to the rally on their own, arriving early and expectant. People who had been drunk in previous days walked in sober, their countenance changed! They told us they felt different when they came, they felt the presence of God in the field! Lives are being transformed every day!
Day 15 at the Darwin Hope Rally there was such a holy presence! 3 more precious souls were raised to new life in Christ in baptism, more of God’s children came home to Him through salvation in Jesus! We all gathered together and held hands, crying out to our Father to provide a permanent home of faith where these most precious people can continue to gather and be discipled once our 28 days are over! We heard a testimony of healing from a lady who had been in pain, walking with a limp the night before. She had gone to the physio who told her she suspected a bone fragment had chipped off and was causing the pain. She was told to make an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon as she might need surgery to fix her knee. She received prayer at the Rally and was healed! No surgery needed! Drunks came back from previous nights of receiving prayer now sober, with faces shining!
Day 17 at the Darwin Hope Rally was another movie night! There was such a family feel as we lounged on the grass, ate delicious bowls of stew and rice and watched a movie about the saving power of Jesus Christ! One man came who was pretty drunk and rowdy to begin with, but he settled down as various members of our team ministered to him throughout the night. The movie spoke directly to his heart, convicting him and by the end, he was weeping as we prayed for him. He had professed to be an atheist when he walked in, but he left a new child of God, lifting high the name of Jesus! Others stayed for ministry and prayer after the movie too. Nobody wanted to leave as there was such a loving presence on the field! Our hearts are overflowing as we cry More Lord! We don’t want nice little meetings! We want lives transformed and forever changed by the love and power of God!!! It’s time for revival!
We are truly undone and in awe every night as we see God move and transform lives! This is what revival looks like. This is what the Kingdom of God looks like, and the Kingdom is here!
We have been invited to take the crusade to other cities across the Northern Territory. We will keep you up to date as we advance the Kingdom of God across Australia! Australia shall be saved!

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It’s time for revival! Check out what God is doing at the Hope Rally, Darwin!

Liberty Missions Hub

Liberty Missions is busy preparing a missions training centre, missions hub and international sending base where you can come and be equipped and sent out to the nations!
Learn how to be a missionary from seasoned missionaries!
Be equipped for powerful evangelism, church planting and more!
Participate in short and long-term outreaches and missions around Darwin, in the Australian outback, to the islands and internationally.
Become an effective disciple of Christ, equipped to fulfil the great commission to the ends of the earth.
We have found a building in the heart of the Darwin CBD where we can set up our hub and training centre, and we are inviting you to sow into making this vision become reality.
Sow your seed into the Hub and partner with us! We will use funds to fix up the building and pay the lease as well as set up training facilities and outreaches for anyone wanting to come.
We would like to get started immediately! The owner of the building is on board and we are ready to go so sow now to be a part of the vision and the harvest!
Our heart is to see Jesus receive the reward of His suffering, to raise up an army equipped to go out and bring in the harvest and to see the name of Jesus exalted in the earth. We can only do so much alone, but together, we can see a great harvest come in from the nations, souls set free, healed and delivered and Jesus’ name lifted high! We want you to be a part of it!
We cannot do this alone and are so thankful to God for everyone who gives generously to the vision. We pray that God will bless you exceedingly, abundantly ABOVE all you could ever ask or imagine as you give with your heart of generosity. May you reap a harvest greater than you ever dreamed as you partner with God in bringing in the Harvest of souls!
Watch this short video below to find out more!

Help us build the Mission Hub and raise up an army for Jesus!

Blessings from the Liberty team!

May you be blessed exceedingly, abundantly ABOVE all you could ever ask or imagine as you pursue Jesus and His glorious gospel into 2020!


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