Worshipping God with child
Sharing the gospel
Ministering in Mozambican village
Sitting with a village chief in Mozambique
Streets of Durban

Our Vision

When asked what the two greatest commandments were; what we must do to inherit eternal life, Jesus replied that first, we are to love the Lord our God with all of our beings, and secondly that we must love our neighbour as ourselves. He elaborated on that second commandment by telling the parable of the Good Samaritan. (Luke 10:25-37)

If those two things were the most important to Jesus, then they are the most important to us as well.

Our vision is to spend our lives actively loving and being devoted to our God and actively seeking out and loving our neighbours. As we do that, we fulfil every other commission Jesus has given to us: Preaching the gospel to the lost, lifting up our brothers and sisters in Christ, making disciples... it all comes naturally as we devote our lives to loving God and loving our neighbour.

Our Mission

Our first priority; our main mission is to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth through the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost to the lost, the hurting and those in captivity. We are always ready to share the message of salvation, hope and healing to anyone, anywhere, at any time. We also actively seek out the lost, especially in places where others don't want to go; where it might be dangerous or ugly or where others fear to go or have given up hope of change. We live for those places because the Light of Christ shines brighter the darker it gets around you!

South Africa

We run street outreaches in Soweto, a township in Johannesburg, where the uprising against apartheid began. Parts of Soweto are built up, and other parts are still bound in abject poverty; people living in tiny tin huts trying to survive. We love Soweto and we know that Jesus loves the people of Soweto.

We preach the gospel, pray for people on the streets, sit in the marketplace singing the gospel, and we love visiting the little children in the shanty towns, handing out oranges and playing with them and sharing the message of hope with them and their families.


We run a ministry base in Vilanculos, Inhambane Province in beautiful Mozambique. The base is used as a centre for outreach into the hundreds of unreached villages in the surrounding region, as well as a training centre to equip the Mozambicans and raise them up in leadership as we plant churches across the region.

In addition, we will be establishing farming projects and small business enterprises in order to empower the local people and bring freedom in a holistic way in a nation that is still considered one of the top 10 poorest nations on earth.


We are equipping the saints and sending missionaries! Are you burning with a desire for the nations? Come and be equipped either to go out to the nations, or to the nation of Australia with the gospel of Jesus Christ! We run training schools for missions, evangelism, church planting, missions in the marketplace and more as well as run outreaches and short to long-term missions trips throughout the outback of Australia, to the neighbouring Islands and to the nations - from Indonesia to Africa!

Across Africa

We will be running outreach trips to other nations across Africa, to preach the gospel and share this great message of salvation with as many as we can.


Our Bible School will soon be released online along with other online courses, allowing discipleship, training and equipping to be made available to anyone, anywhere, at any time no matter how dangerous or remote a place they are. We are so excited about this project as it means that wherever we go with the gospel, people can immediately begin to be discipled! It also means that people anywhere who are hungry to learn can access a wealth of teachings and training materials, from an online school of evangelism to healing, worship and more.

Our mission is to continue the work which Jesus began on the earth, and which the Apostle Paul and others continued. It is now our turn. May God grant us the grace to continue in the work of the gospel while we are still here.

Our team consists of many people around the world who labour with us in the gospel, support us, pray for us and encourage us! We are so thankful to everyone, and mostly to our Great Partner, the Mighty Holy Spirit, without whom we could do nothing.

Ashley and Rosalyne Field

Ashley and Rosalyne Field


Preaching the gospel on the streets ever since they were both saved in 1999, they have continued to minister, plant churches and preach the gospel in Australia, Mozambique and South Africa since marrying and having four children. Jesus and His gospel are their life.

Rosalyne and Ashley are ordained ministers of the gospel and have been pastors of churches in Australia and Mozambique. They have founded ministries and works of God in Australia, South Africa and Mozambique, are directors of a missions base for Iris Global - a global mission organisation, and have planted over 50 churches across nations and continents, as well as preaching the gospel to thousands and laying hands on the sick, seeing blind eyes opened, deaf ears healed, the lame walk and many more miracles of healing.
Their passion is Jesus and His gospel, and like Paul, their heart’s cry is, “Woe is unto me if I preach not the Gospel of Christ!”
From preaching in a movie theatre in Australia, to having supernatural showdowns with powerful warlocks in Mozambique; from loving the hurting and broken homeless people of Northern Australia, to being shot at in Africa - Rosalyne and Ashley demonstrate that there is no person too far away from the love of God, and nowhere He won’t send us to reach out to those precious souls He loves so dearly.
Rosalyne and her family are adamant in their declaration that they are nothing special, they are just like anyone else. Their testimonies for the Kingdom of God are all and only attributed to God’s amazing power and grace, and to their obedience to His voice, no matter how crazy His direction sounds to them... they just say yes! Every time!
Because of this, they boldly proclaim that this life of miracles and the power of God is available to anyone, and should be pursued by everyone claiming to be a Christian, and their passion is to see the body of Christ equipped and mobilised by the love and power of God to go out and bring in the Harvest before the Lord returns.

Next Steps...

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