March 2020 News

  • Helping those in need in war-torn Northern Mozambique
  • Spreading the love of Jesus during lockdown
  • Become a Covenant Partner
  • Resources for online discipleship during lockdown
Sending aid to refugees in Northern Mozambique

The world has been groaning in turmoil this past month, and Africa has not been exempt. However, through it all, we have seen the loving hand of God on His people, bringing comfort, healing and much needed supplies to those in need.
In the midst of such uncertainty, we thank God that we have been able to help even more people than usual and to expand the Kingdom of God during this time… which isn’t surprising because when it gets darker, the light always shines brighter!
During the past month we have had meetings with the leaders of the province of Inhambane in Mozambique, including the Governor of the Province in order to establish the ministry in Vilanculos. We were shown incredible favour, and the gospel is free to expand there, praise God!
Due to some issues with our visas, we needed to travel down to South Africa where we now find ourselves for the time being as the borders have since shut down and the President of South Africa announced a nationwide lockdown due to the COVID 19 crisis.
We are now on day 13 of the lockdown, but we have continued to see amazing provision, discipleship and miracles despite it!
We have set up an online discipleship group for Vilanculos through Whatsapp groups and YouTube video teachings, which everyone is getting involved in, as restrictions placed on gatherings in Mozambique have also been implemented due to the global pandemic.
We have also set up groups for our Pastors in the North of Mozambique and the 50+ churches we oversee for Iris Global up there.
On top of the crisis due to the global pandemic, the North of Mozambique has also been suffering the ongoing conflict against insurgents which began in 2017. In the past 2 weeks attacks have renewed with vigour, and we have spent a lot of time in contact with our loved ones and teams up there,

praying with them and listening with a heavy heart as they tell us stories of having to flee with nothing but the clothes on their backs and no food – carrying children into the bush to shelter and hide through the night.
With your help – for which we are incredibly grateful, and the help of Iris Global and Heidi and Rolland Baker, we were able to send some much needed relief to our loved ones who are now living in the homes of some of our other pastors in neighbouring villages as refugees.
As at the writing of this newsletter, attacks are ongoing and spreading from village to village. Last night I was in contact with one of our pastors who was forced to flee his home with his wife and two young children. He asked for prayer, telling me that they are surrounded on all sides with nowhere to go.
We are praying fervently, and ask you to join us in lifting our brothers and sisters up in prayer for protection and provision, and for this conflict to end in Jesus’ name!
If you would like to help us send more much needed aid, please use the link below.
We thank God for the protection He has already given, and for the provision of relief that we were able to send. We thank God for all of you and the support and prayer you have given in this time of turmoil.
We look to Jesus who is our Hope!
As soon as the borders reopen, we plan to return to Vilanculos, but in the meantime we are here in South Africa preaching the gospel to our neighbours and people we meet at the shops when we go food shopping. The world might be on lockdown, but the gospel never is!
This is a time in which we must all keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. It is also a time to shine and to bring hope to those who are fearful and desperately need some hope. Together, we can spread the love of Jesus to those in need in a world that is currently hurting!


We are inviting you to become a Covenant Partner with us and our ministry. We cannot do what we do without you! Partnership is a means whereby you form a connection with us and we form one with you… it’s a two-way relationship! To find out about becoming a partner of our ministry, click on the button below:

Urban Monastic – School of Intercession

During measures taken by governments across the globe to quarantine people during the COVID 19 crisis, it is a fantastic time to use to study God’s Word and draw nearer to Him! Urban Monastic is an incredible source of online study as well as interactive worship sessions and more! They will be commencing an online interactive school of intercession, worship and fasting on Tuesday the 14th April which you do not want to miss! Click on the link below to check it out. You can also hop onto their facebook page: ‘Urban Monastic’ to join in their incredibly fun and anointed live, interactive worship sessions.

Blessings from the Liberty team!

May you be blessed exceedingly, abundantly ABOVE all you could ever ask or imagine as you pursue Jesus and His glorious gospel into 2020!


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