February 2020 News

  • Revival is here!
  • The town witch doctor comes to Jesus!
  • 28 new believers baptised in the Indian Ocean!
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Sharing the love of Jesus in the market
What an incredible month it has been, full of the love, power and favour of God as He demonstrates His beautiful saving grace to the people of Vilanculos, Mozambique!
We have been on a wild ride, preaching the gospel, sharing the love of Jesus and pressing in for the power of God’s Kingdom to be poured out in this place… and God has answered with His revival fires!
Our Wednesday night home group has taken off, to the point where God organised a “Liberty House” for us so we would have more room… but that space is already filling up and becoming crowded as each week more and more people come, bringing their friends with them and a hunger for more of God.
Even our Friday night prayer groups are crowded as people come willing to pray and seek God for His will to be done and His Kingdom to come in this place as it is in Heaven! We are truly blown away.
People around town are talking about the power of God! “Who is this God you have brought to Vilanculos with you?” They ask us, as word spreads from home to home to the market place of the incredible miracle of the witchdoctor coming to Jesus! Yes, this witch doctor who has been terrorising the town for years, whom the people have lived in fear of… who has been rumoured to have killed people… discovered that the power of our God is more powerful than anything he has known before! His powers were stripped from him after he joined in one of our home groups.
He ran away but came back 3 days later wanting Jesus. He has now given his heart to Jesus and we baptised him two days ago! And everyone is talking about it!
27 other new believers were baptised along with our EX-witchdoctor, and so many people keep coming to Jesus that we are organising more baptisms for the end of the month.
God’s goodness and favour are following as He promises in His Word. We have a building for our various projects, and we were absolutely blown away by the provision of God when a 250 Hectare farm was given to us for the purposes of growing crops to provide for our various feeding programs and ministry programs.
Our God is the God who does exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ever ask or imagine according to the power that is at work in us! And He is your God! Believe in Him, trust Him – He will never let you down!
He is the God who makes a way when there is no way! The God who opens every door that no man can shut! All we have to do is listen and obey, and He takes care of the rest. We saw this powerfully at work as we have been working with the various Government officials and immigration to register and get residency status here… the favour and help they have all shown us has been amazing, and we praise God for it!
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