April 2020 News

  • Evacuations and aid for refugees in war-torn Northern Mozambique
  • Spreading the love of Jesus in South Africa during lockdown
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Sending aid to refugees in Northern Mozambique

We are now entering into our second month of lockdown here in South Africa, and although restrictions were lowered from a level 5 to level 4, the situation is dire here. People are starving, there are lines of people queueing for kilometres to receive food aid, and many people are being turned away because there isn’t enough.
In the midst of such crisis, we thank God that we have been able to stop for the ones around us, buying groceries and supplies for those in need as we share the love of God with them.
It is time for us to be as gentle as doves and as wise as serpents because we cannot neglect ministry to the poor, hurting, downtrodden and sick at this time! Indeed, now is when the world needs us, the servants of Christ, more than ever! There might be restrictions placed on movement right now, but with the wisdom of the Spirit of God, who was poured out upon us to give us power to be His witnesses, we are always able to find ways to get out amongst the people to share the love of Christ and provide for those in need!
From the woman behind the checkout counter at the supermarket to the old man behind you in line, there are people everywhere who desperately need to hear the message of hope which we carry, and we have been busy leading people to the Lord daily!
We were at the shops just the other day when we saw a mother buying a few clothing items for her son. He was eyeing a pair of shoes, but the mother shook her head sorrowfully. The voice of God spoke to Ash’s heart, telling him to buy the shoes for the little boy, and when we did, his mother burst into tears right there in the shop.
My daughter then felt led to giver her pocket-money to the mother who cried all the more as we shared with her that God wants to take care of her and loves her!
She told us how she has not been able to work for the past month during lockdown, and has been struggling to feed her family. She shared that she had been praying for God to intervene and now she knew without a shadow

of doubt that God loves her and is going to take care of her needs. As she walked away, God spoke to my heart.
“Do you know what she is doing right now?” He asked me.
“What?” I asked.
“She’s is thanking and worshipping Me! Thank you for showing her that I care and opening her heart to Me! Her faith has increased and she is closer to Me than ever before!”
Wow! How simple it is to share the love of God and bring hope and salvation to those around us! And it is imperative that we all as the believers of God, shine with the light of Christ during this time of global crisis! There is such an urgency, and the people are desperate. It is so easy to share the gospel during this time! We are literally seeing people give their hearts to Him daily here in South Africa!
In the North of Mozambique, we are so thankful to have been able to help several beloved families whose homes were attacked by insurgents to evacuate down to Pemba where they are now being taken care of by our Iris Global family there. 
We have also been able to send so much aid to refugees because of your generous donations! Thank you so much! I was on the phone with one of our pastors in the north the other day who told me that because of these generous donations, his family and many families in his village are eating. If it weren’t for this aid, they would have gone hungry a long time ago!
If you want to give to continue to help these precious refugees, please use the button below.
We have also been able to send aid and regular discipleship materials to several other areas of Mozambique, including Vilanculos during this time where the situation is critical due to restrictions on work because of the pandemic. We are able to keep many families fed and are so thankful to God for this blessing in such a time of need!
We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for your generous giving and we pray God’s mighty blessings are poured out over your life in Jesus’ name!!!

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Blessings from the Liberty team!

May you be blessed exceedingly, abundantly ABOVE all you could ever ask or imagine as you pursue Jesus and His glorious gospel into 2020!


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