Annual Report – A Year of Miracles!

  • 140 days of preaching the gospel!
  • 20,000 meals provided!
  • Supernatural guidance and provision!
  • Precious souls saved, healed, and delivered!
Our first goal is the lost soul!

Can you believe it has been a year since we started our adventure here in Darwin, Australia? And what a year it has been! We are just overwhelmed as we look back on the year that was! It has been a year of miracles, of lifting up the name of Jesus, and of seeing precious souls come home into the loving arms of their Father God!
We overcome by the word of our testimony, and looking back on all that God has done encourages and lifts our faith, lifts our hearts in praise and worship to our mighty God, and hopefully inspires you to step out in faith to serve and follow your great God for your life! He is so trustworthy and faithful! He is mighty to save!
During the past year, we have preached the gospel at Hope Rallies a total of 140 days! That’s 140 days out of 365! At these Rallies, we have compelled the lost, broken, and hurting to come home and we have seen so many souls come home to Jesus! Lives have been transformed as chains of addiction were broken! We have watched with our own eyes as truly broken hearts were healed by the mighty love and power of God!
In addition to the Rallies, we have gathered together every Sunday for worship and discipleship, and for more opportunities for the lost to come home, the sick to be healed, and lives to be transformed! That’s another 52 days in the presence of God! That’s not all, though! We have run mid-week discipleship groups and prayer meetings at various times. We have run a 6-week Missions Training School, and we have run weeklong outreaches to communities outside of Darwin, namely Katherine and Tennant Creek, where we saw many souls again saved and equipped for the Kingdom of God! That brings us up to well over 200 days out of 365 where the gospel was sounded out from us and the name of Jesus was lifted high! And none of this was possible without the power and anointing of the mighty Holy Ghost! God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we could ever ask or imagine, according to the working of His mighty power in us! And in you too!! Hallelujah! The Harvest is truly ripe and we have joyfully been involved in bringing in a mighty harvest for the Lord this past year, so thankful for all the labourers who have come to put their hand to the plough with us, in time given serving, in prayers for us and in sowing financial seeds, all of which has made this possible as we work together as the Body of Christ!
Together with every gathering we have held, whether at the Rallies, at Sunday gatherings, or mid-week meetings, we have been able to provide meals for everyone, and have distributed approximately 20,000 meals for hungry children of God this year! Wow, hallelujah! Jesus ministers to our hearts and He also provides for our needs in His great compassion! (Matthew 14:16).
As we have navigated these storm-tossed seas we find ourselves in at this time globally, we have seen the hand of God on us faithfully, guiding us and providing for our every need. At the beginning of 2020, Ash and I were still in South Africa. We were seeking the Lord for guidance for the days ahead, and the Lord spoke to us through two accounts in the scriptures: Exodus 13: 21-22; Numbers 9:15-23 (The pillars of cloud and fire given by the Lord to lead the children of Israel), and Acts chapter 8 (Phillip’s life in the gospel, being taken supernaturally from place to place to preach the gospel). The Lord told us that He would lead us supernaturally by His Spirit and to listen to His still, small voice. We have been living in the fulfillment of that word as we have been led over and over again to make decisions that have led us through some crazy situations into the places where we have been able to serve Him in the gospel, avoiding blockades along the way!
Only a couple of days after the Lord gave us this word, the Spirit of God led us on a journey from one Province in South Africa to another, when travel was banned due to COVID restrictions. We were granted an exception to travel by the Magistrate. Within a couple of days of arriving in the next Province, we were supernaturally led to the only airplane organised in months to fly us from South Africa to Australia, where we were quarantined at no expense, just before the Australian government made the rule for people to pay their own quarantine stay. From there, we had planned to fly to Melbourne where a dear family member had generously donated us his car, but both Ash and I were supernaturally led to change our plane tickets, and fly directly to Darwin. Only days later, Melbourne went into a months’ long lockdown where we would have been stuck had the Lord not guided us! Instead, we were in Darwin starting our first Hope Rally while Melbourne remained in lockdown. Our prayers were going up for them there as we preached the gospel to the lost and hurting here.
When Darwin went into lockdown, we were shown favour by the government and allowed to remain open as an essential service providing care to the homeless.
When we had our first Hope Rally, the Lord had given us a vision of an empty car park covered in fake grass for everyone to sit on. When we announced that vision, people immediately told us that fake grass is very expensive and would be very hard to do. The Lord supernaturally led us to a vacant carpark right in the heart of the Darwin CBD and when we spoke to the owner about renting it for 28 days, he readily agreed and then mentioned out of the blue (we hadn’t spoken to him at all about it), that he had rolls and rolls of fake grass at home which we were welcome to use to cover the carpark! Hallelujah! And that’s what we did!
We saw God’s hand at work too many times to count, supernaturally providing for our needs in the gospel! For the first Hope Rally, we started from scratch, needing all the supplies including chairs, tables, BBQs to cook on, shade umbrellas for people to sit under, sound equipment, and more.We had nothing and no money! By faith, we went to the local hardware store and started filling up the trolleys with everything we would need. the cost was going up into the thousands and we had maybe a couple of hundred dollars in the bank. The Lord said, “Fill the trolleys!” Once we lined up at the check-out counter, we checked our bank accounts and a donation of exactly the amount we needed had been deposited into the account just in time! Hallelujah!
We needed a bus to drive around the streets, compelling the lost to come home to Jesus, and God gave us a bus. And then He gave us another bus! Praise God!
Countless times, especially at the start of each Hope Rally, which cost thousands to run, the funds came in right when we needed them, providing for the gospel! Provision follows the Purpose, and each time God purposes to do something in and through us, His provision comes! Hallelujah!
More than anything though was the joy of watching precious souls saved! There have been so many lives touched and transformed, so many sicknesses healed and chains of bondage broken! There was one couple Ash met on the streets while doing bus runs, picking up long grass people to come to the Rally. The husband was happy to come along, but the wife refused. She swore at Ash and yelled every day, telling him she didn’t need God but to take her husband because he needed God! Her husband came every night, but she refused no matter what Ash did! One day, he pulled up in the bus and she looked so sick he thought she might be on death’s door! Ash told her she better get on the bus tonight and he promised her God would heal her if she came. She glared at him and said, “He’d better!” But she got on the bus! When we got to the Rally, I was leading worship. This lady grabbed a chair, plonked it down in front of me, sat down, and folded her arms across her chest, glaring. Everyone came and stood around her, laying hands on her and commanding healing, and she was instantly healed by the power of God! She jumped up, praising God, and from that day on she was the first one on the bus, and every time we saw her, she had a huge smile on her face! Her whole countenance changed as God transformed her life with His love and power!
Another man had been coming for a few months, but was always drunk and angry, swearing and demanding of us. He had only one leg, and was in a wheelchair, but then God provided an artificial leg for him, and he was able to walk again. One night, he had a punch-up with another man at the Rally and was so angry, but the team managed to calm him down and he came into church and really surrendered to God that night. His whole character changed! He became peaceful and loving and didn’t miss a night at the Rally or at church! He stopped drinking and his whole life turned around.
Another testimony from our latest Hope Rally:
“Every night we head out in the bus, roaming the streets and compelling people to come and meet with Jesus. Every night I pray that the Lord would send out His harvesting angels to cast out the nets and draw souls in to be saved, and they are coming! 2 nights ago one man who has been coming regularly to the Rally was on a public bus going into the city, not planning to come that night because he had been drinking. He had passed the stop to get off to come to church and was sitting on the bus when he heard an audible voice say, “Aren’t you missing something?” Church instantly popped into his head and he jumped up, pressed the button, got off at the next stop, and walked all the way back to church! “God is calling me!” He told us! Last night, we stopped the bus to talk to a group of people sitting outside. They had been drinking. We told them we wanted to take them to church. The old lady told me she used to be a Christian but had started doing bad things, but at 3 am that very morning she had been woken up by an angel reminding her of her belief in God and calling her to come back to Him! A few hours later we showed up with the bus! She jumped on and wept in my arms as we drove to church! It truly is harvest time! The harvest is ripe! We just need to go and get them and bring them home to Jesus!!!”
And another:
“One night at the Bagot Hope Rally, God was really touching all the kids. One little girl was lying on the ground for around 20 minutes as the Lord ministered to her. When she got up, her mother asked her what had happened. She replied that she had seen Jesus. He had laid His hand over her heart and told her He loved her and was healing her. She had suffered from Rheumatic fever; had issues with her heart which required regular needles and trips to the hospital. One week later, her mother took her to the hospital for a check-up of her heart. When they did the scan, the doctors announced they couldn’t find a trace of the illness. She was healed! No more needles!”
There are just so many similar and powerful testimonies! We are just so overwhelmed and thankful for all the Lord has done, the lives saved eternally, the souls transformed and born again into a new, resurrected life, the sick healed and the captives set free! The supernatural leading of the Lord and provision of our Heavenly Father! There are no words to describe the glorious goodness of God! He is mighty in and through us all, His body, during these times where darkness continues to increase across the earth! Trust Him and His power and wisdom! He will back you. He will guide you. He will use you for His glory! It is time, as the body of Christ, the fulness of Him who fills all in all, to glorify Jesus in the earth!
We can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do in the year to come, not only in and through us, but through YOU! Dream with God! Say YES to Him! He will back you all the way. Our God is faithful!

You are a reflection of God’s glory to the world!
“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11

“And it shall be to me a name of joy, a praise and an honour before all the nations of the earth, which shall hear all the good that I do unto them: and they shall fear and tremble for all the goodness and for all the prosperity that I procure unto it.” Jeremiah 33:9

God thinks good and powerful thoughts towards you! He wants to bless you exceedingly more than you can imagine! He wants the goodness of the Lord to be displayed through your life to a lost and hurting world! Because you are a child of God, you bring joy and you are a light and reflection of God’s glory to the world! As you purpose in your heart to reverence and obey the Lord, and keep His Kingdom and it’s righteousness as your primary focus, He will pour out such a blessing that you cannot contain it! You will be a sign and a wonder to a dying world desperately in need of the Hope which you carry: Jesus Christ in you, the hope of glory!

Continue to honour the Lord in your giving and investment to the gospel, and in your obedience to His Word! As you do, the blessings of the Lord will continue to increase and overflow in and through you and your household. Look to God, seek Him with all your heart, and you will find Him! And all things you need will be added to you!

Thank you so much once again for your continued prayers and financial investment into the Gospel, as we continue to give all we have to advance God’s Kingdom and seek out and save the lost through the power and anointing of the Great Holy Ghost!

Please prayerfully consider investing into the Gospel with us today. Together, we can make waves and start fires of revival! Together, we can reach the lost, loved children of God with the mighty Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Blessings from the Liberty team!

May you be blessed exceedingly, abundantly ABOVE all you could ever ask or imagine as you pursue Jesus and His glorious gospel into 2021!
We love you!

For His Kingdom,
Ash and Ros Field, and the Liberty Missions team


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