Fortitude Valley Hub

Fortitude Valley in the Brisbane CBD has been known for its darkness for a long time. Nightclubs, bars, prostitution, drug dealing and homelessness abound. People are hurting and hopeless and looking for an answer in the dark, and Jesus is that answer!

We have been going out there to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ, and the Lord is leading us to establish a permanent base of operations there from which we can regularly share the love of God, with His power, to set the captives free.

We are hiring a hall weekly at the moment, where we can meet together with those who are being saved to worship and disciple and share the Word of God, but we would like to get a permanent building in order to have daily gatherings, and where people can come to meet with God, behold His glory and be changed from glory to glory!

We go out on the streets to share the gospel and a meal during the day with those living on the streets and working in the area, and also at night to reach out to those who are coming in, searching for a good time and some relief from their lives. Jesus is the answer to rich and poor alike.

Your support will enable us to get a building in the area where we can establish a permanent presence, provide meals for hungry souls, and most importantly, have the gospel touching hearts and setting captives free!

As you give into this project, know that your seed is reaching out to people who desperately need the love and power of God to reach in and touch hearts and change lives forever!

May God bless your generous heart powerfully!



We are setting up an outreach base in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.


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