Outreach Bus

Every night at the Hope Rally and every Sunday, we head out in the bus to pick people up from the streets! The time in the bus isn’t a taxi service – it’s outreach! We find people, we seek out the lost, the hurting, the broken, and we compel them to come in – to jump on the bus and come to receive prayer, fellowship, and Jesus into their hearts! And we see so much fruit from this outreach!

Take Paul, for instance: we stopped the bus where he was sitting on the streets and asked him to come to receive prayer. He got on the bus, and during the meeting the overwhelming love and power of God touched his heart! With tears streaming down his face he told me that just that morning he had received a phone call from his wife who was at a remote outback community hours away, letting him know that their baby daughter had just passed away. He had been on the brink of despair when the bus pulled up out of nowhere and brought him in to the loving arms of Father God!

Day after day, week after week, drunks, homeless, violent, angry, hurting and broken people jump on the bus and find themselves encountering the love and saving grace of God! The fruit we see from the bus outreach is undeniable!

We have been so blessed to be able to borrow a couple of different buses from different people and ministries over these past few months for which we are so grateful, but we now have a very real need to have a bus of our own which we can use all the time! These photos are of a bus we can potentially buy here in Darwin… the bus is named Rosa 😄

It will cost around $24,000 to buy. Please prayerfully consider sowing a seed into the bus outreach and standing with us to minister to some of the most hurting, downtrodden people in Australia! May God richly bless your generous heart for His Kingdom!! ❤️🔥❤️



Help us buy a bus for our outreach to the lost, hurting, broken, homeless and loved children of God on the streets of Darwin.


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